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Lied and Cheated Blues 3mb
Got My MOJO Workin’ 3.4mb
Nobody Loves You When You’re Down & Out 3.9mb
Nassau Jump (Original) 3.3mb
Hand Jive (Concert Version) 3.8mb
Rock and Roll Medley 2.9mb

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Agnes Rock photo

Agnes Rock photo

Agnes Rock - the blonde on the blues; with a faster telecaster

Now available for GIGS and SESSIONS in LAS VEGAS
Guitar, Bass, or B-3

Agnes Rock (that’s right… it’s her real name), a Baltimore native, started to play guitar at the age of 14. However, her earliest instrument, a Mickey Mouse uke, showed her parents she had an aptitude for music that led straight to piano education at the noted Peabody Conservatory.

Agnes started in local school bands as a rhythm guitar player, and continued to play throughout college while she earned a degree in electrical engineering.

She toured for several years on the road, playing lead guitar in the “pit band” with a Midwestern theater group. It was during this period Agnes met many of her musical influences, playing with the Neville Brothers and Elvin Bishop among others, at various San Francisco shows. Agnes says, “I was really quite fortunate to sit in with top players which moved me to attain a higher level of musical ability… thank God they tolerated my learning curve.”

After this show closed, Agnes began touring with a contemporary country rock band, developing her “faster Telecaster” style, a distinction that separates her from the average guitar player in 16th note increments (perhaps that is 32nd notes!!).

She even garnered second place a few years back in the California State Country Guitar Competition, but it was a real close race. She writes her own music and has 12 songs set for release later this year. Watch for it!

Interestingly, Agnes holds several patents for Electrical Engineering; innovations that she states are very creative in another direction. However, she prefers guitar playing to just about every other activity in her life. GO figure, eh?

Agnes also loves the color red… her guitar is red, she wears a red jacket for performing, and likes cranberry juice… fashion aware even to the beverages!! She also drives a (what else) RED Corvette…

She is an Aries, a fire sign, and believes in putting as much emotion and passion into what she plays as she can, which means a high energy show for the listener. Her technique many observe, draws from Stevie Ray, country, and funk… a complex powerhouse of clean to mean bluesy rock… with no apologies to pedals or gadgets.

Agnes is upbeat, quirky, and always passionate. As anyone who knows guitar will tell you, this blonde on blues is truly a “player” whose trio will bring you to your feet!

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Now available for GIGS and SESSIONS in LAS VEGAS: Guitar, Bass, or B-3

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